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Cartridge World is your printer cartridge specialist. We offer all the leading brands in cartridges, printers, paper and more...

Cartridge World is well established as the service that puts life back into empty ink, laser, fax and photocopier cartridges.  We can provide a huge range of leading brand name cartridges under the Cartridge World label. 

We utilize our technical ‘know-how’ developed over the years and the resources of international suppliers to provide you with a product that will cost less than new and perform like the original.

Every Cartridge World product goes through a stringent quality control process to assure the highest quality standards are met.  The reuse of empty cartridges is not only cost effective but also an environmentally friendly solution.

At Cartridge World, we make it easy for anyone to turn in their empty printer cartridges and get a high quality Cartridge World replacement.  All you need to do is swap your empty black or color ink cartridge for one that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it will work properly with your printer.

We pride ourselves on finding the best value option for your printing needs and offer a large selection of products and services to help you. Whatever your requirement, we will endeavour to help with a quick and convenient solution. We specialise in both ink and laser printer cartridges, as well as offering other quality services.  Below are some of the products and services we offer:

Ink Cartridges

We can supply a large range of Cartridge World inkjet cartridges. Our trained professionals refill the cartridges to the highest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Firstly we clean your cartridge, performing a visual check then refill your cartridge with the correct ink. Your cartridge is then tested  to ensure the print quality is perfect. All inkjet cartridges we provide carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Laser Cartridges

We can supply a large range of laser cartridges. The average laser printer cartridge can be recharged three to four times before it needs to be recycled. At Cartridge World, we use toners that are matched to the original cartridge specifications to ensure top quality prints. The cartridge is checked for component wear and all parts replaced as needed. All laser cartridges we recharge carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cartridge World Global Procurement Center

The establishment of our own Cartridge World Global Procurement Center (CW-GPC), located in Zhuhai, China, has been a significant investment by SGT.

The CW-GPC ensures our global network receives consistent high-quality printer cartridges at prices that keep our franchise stores competitive and more profitable, as well as intellectual property right compliant. In the imaging aftermarket the CW-GPC is unique, with quality assurance specialists ensuring consistent high quality is maintained through a three stage quality assurance process to sixth sigma standards, as used by the original equipment manufacturers, or “OEMs”."

"CWGPC has a HUGE benefit over anyone who purchases from Chinese factory's, through SGT’s intimate knowledge of the Chinese factory's SGT and CWGPC staff have pre-selected vendors that are capable of producing products to the CWGPC specifications.

1. Triple QC Check
Factory quality & product line audit by the CWGPC staff.

2. Post Production Inspection.
Once the factory has informed the CWGPC that the products have been produced our CWGPC QC staff will visit the factory to perform post production quality control checks and confirm that the build specification is as stated at component part level.

3. Additional Sampling.
When a batch has passed the Post Production Inspection at the factory it is moved to the CWGPC warehouse where the batch is again sampled to ensure the products meet the Cartridge World Quality Standard.